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Hey folks, lest you think I've been lollygagging these last few months here are some links to my recent projects:

Over at Ms. Fit, Real World Feminist Fitness, I jumped into the feminist fray over Dear Prudence's failure to call out the rape culture vis-a-vis the link between alcohol and sexual assault on college campuses. If you're a regular here, you've heard my take before. Self defense is a sensible response to a dangerous world, but there is only ever one person responsible for an act of violence: The perpetrator.

In the current issue of Ms. Fit I jump on one of my favorite soapboxes: Teaching violence prevention skills to our kids in developmentally appropriate ways. Don't just read what I have to say about Strong Voice, Safe Bodies--practice with your kids and tell your friends. 

Last but not least, head on over to Say Something, a community engagement project of Safe Passage. I was the lead writer on this initiative and created the Say Something Superhero Field Guide: A Manual for Eliminating Interpersonal Violence:

...a mash-up of the public health evidence-base about what works to create safer communities with the experience of domestic violence service providers, the moral compass of social justice movements and the badassery of feminist empowerment self defense. It is a guidebook and a workbook designed to support anyone who wants to create more safety, peace and respect in their corner of the world. 

Check it out!