Empowerment Self Defense Alliance at NSAC 17

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Exhausted, inspired, and deeply grateful after presenting Healing from Sexual Trauma: A Movement-Based, Empowerment Self-Defense Approach with my colleague Brenda Jones from the Center for Anti-Violence Education at the National Sexual Assault Conference in Dallas, TX. So honored to be among the Empowerment Self-Defense Alliance influencing the national dialogue about prevention of sexual violence. 

Keep reading for a list of resources I used in that presentation.

The PowerPoint I used for that presentation is located here

A working definition of Empowerment Self-Defense appears in this post

My handout about practice behaviors that support survivors in community classes is located here

Neurobiology nerds and social workers might like this three-part PowerPoint series: 

1. Empowerment Self-Defense: Prevention and Treatment Intervention

2. Neurobiology of sexual trauma: Trauma response, post-traumatic stress, and Empowerment Self-Defense

3. Neurobiology of sexual trauma: Resilience, recovery, and Empowerment Self-Defense

As well as the research paper and the annotated bibliography that support this work. 

If you attended that presentation and have any questions or comments, please drop me a line!