Unleashing the Superhero Within to Co-Create a Culture of Safety

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"...what if the forces that undergird our violent society are woven into the fabric of our culture? What if we are not merely bystanders but co-creators of this culture? Would that not mean that any one of us could pluck a thread--change a belief or a behavior--and begin to unravel it?

To become change agents of this magnitude--to unleash our inner superheroes--we need the courage and conviction to commit to new awareness, habits and skills. We need superpowers. And we need not only to think about these new superpowers but to practice and rehearse them in caring community."

I was enormously proud to be part of the 2014 Grad Talks event at Boston College. Inspired by Ted Talks, Grad Talks--"passions worth sharing"--is a graduate student colloquium intended to build community across academic disciplines. I was one of ten grad students--four from the Graduate School of Social Work--to speak on topics of deep personal interest.