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Hey folks, lest you think I've been lollygagging these last few months here are some links to my recent projects:

Hey could you watch my....

Lately I’ve been writing in the library of the local women’s college, where signs hang on every bulletin board courtesy of public safety warning all to “never leave your belongings unattended.”

The legacy of Yeardley Love

Three years ago this month, University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Reynolds Love was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend. Yeardley was becoming the kind of young woman we all hope our daughters will grow up to be: Kind, fun, accomplished and talented. Her death was a loss not only for her family but also for our world.

Yeardley’s mother Sharon has founded the One Love Foundation to inform parents and teen women about the realities of dating violence and how it can be prevented. Sharon Love said to NPR’s Michelle Martin:

Violence was…not even on our radar at all. There was absolutely nothing that would have made us even think that anybody was capable of this. It was something that none of us thought that was ever possible.”