Is self-defense victim-blaming?

The smartass part of me says, "Not if you do it right." 

The professional part of me points to the National Women's Martial Arts Federation empowerment-model (in which I was certified) and the professional Core Competencies (which I co-authored.) 

But my colleague Susan Schorn--author of Smile at Strangers and the Bitchslap column at McSweeneys--goes to the mat on this topic in a gorgeous, impassioned long-form essay at The Hairpin. I'm proud to have been part of the conversation leading up to this great piece and to be quoted throughout on my thoughts about self-defense.

Around and About

Hey folks, lest you think I've been lollygagging these last few months here are some links to my recent projects:

Hey could you watch my....

Lately I’ve been writing in the library of the local women’s college, where signs hang on every bulletin board courtesy of public safety warning all to “never leave your belongings unattended.”